We build “smart campuses” using Internet of Things and Machine Learning technologies to transform the way students live, learn and thrive everyday.

Cytilife Overview


gtlyfe connects every aspect of your campus life, from studying to fitness, through a network of local sensors and an intelligent digital assistant. As gtlyfe learns your study habits, you’ll receive tailored services across campus to make your daily routine more efficient and more rewarding.

Smart Sensors

The same connected, IoT sensors that track equipment availability in the CRC can supercharge your day. Our intelligent assistant uses your daily routine to suggest new ways to enhance your campus life.

AI Assistant

Our patent-pending AI engine constantly learns to bring you personalized, localized services. Just set your preferences, and gtlyfe grows along with you.

Unified Experience

gtlyfe integrates directly with your personal calendar and productivity apps to amplify your scheduling power. It’s your life, all in one place.

Our Services

Smart Campus

Gives real time and location based availability and wait times at food courts, library, recreation center, meeting rooms, parking, attendance at events and classes, shuttles etc.

We deploy an internet of things(IoT) network at high traffic spaces within campus to help students, staff and school administrators maximize time and resource utilization.

Smart Assistant

A time management app that proactively personalizes all the information they need on campus based on academic schedule, free time, interests, etc.

This machine learning based app is real time, anticipatory and continually learning through usage behaviors

Smart Decisions

Leverages actual student behavior and preferences, and resource utilization insights to uniquely move the needle on students retention, campus engagement, mental health and wellness and resource investment decisions.

Through our cloud based advanced analytics platform we combine this with existing data that sits across departments and systems to truly enable real time and predictive data driven decisions.

Key Marketplace Milestones

  • Selected as 'Top 20 Most Promising Education Technology Solution Providers', by CIO Review Magazine
  • Won the National Pitch Competition at Educause, the largest Technology show for Higher Ed. Sponsored by AWS
  • Internet 2 published a case study on Cytilife on the health and wellness work done with Georgia Tech
  • Placed in the "Top 5 Winners" in Atlanta Start Up Battle, hosted by Tech Square Labs, Atlanta
  • Selected as "Top Innovator" by the Wireless Technology Forum, Atlanta
  • Selected as the only 'entrepreneur' to speak on a panel on Smart Cities at GSMA, Mobility Live Conference, Atlanta, Nov 2016

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Cytilife Founding Team

Sabina Saksena
Founder and CEO

Rajesh Raju
Founder and CTO


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